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Students vs. Staff.  You can guess who won...

That's right.  Staff! (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration...)

Testimonies by the campfire.  

​​​​​Breakout Session in the woods

How special for me that this picture with my Warrior Princesses was taken at the same spot where I shot the cover to "From Mafia Princess to God's Princess"- Barb

​Barbara Cueto was once a hopeless alcoholic and drug addict, raised in an alcoholic home whose brother died from a Heroin overdose.  But then the Lord saved her life.  Barb knows all too well how difficult the road to freedom is and how important it is to have encouragement and supernatural, Godly, input along the way.  Addicts are some of the most hurt and damaged people group in society.  They desperately need hope. They need the sound teaching, love and support that only others who have travelled a similar course can provide.  And, most of all, they need a personal encounter with the Living God in a serene, Holy Spirit filled environment.  Out of this overwhelming  need, and the Warrior Princess Teaching Team's desire to fill that need, the yearly Warrior Princess Retreat was born.  "Nobody hurts more than the addict and their loved ones when sobriety cannot be attained or maintained.  Lives and families are torn apart; generations destroyed.  What we hope and pray is that God will use us at the Warrior Princess Retreat to impart to these desperate souls the tools they need to say 'NO!' to their addiction when everything within them is screaming 'YES!'.  That's our goal."-Barb  


Pam and Sherry 

Giving away Dooor Prizes

Barbara Cueto Ministries, Inc.

​"Thank you to those who sponsored and helped this retreat get off the ground. You couldn't imagine how blessed I have been the past few days. You have contributed in such a large way and I know the Lord will bless you for it!  As a recovering addict, mother and wife you have not only helped me but my entire family! I can go and be free in the Lord with a little more tools." -Ashley   

"​Teen Challenge El Paso thanks you- FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! "- Marta R.-Bible Instructor-Teen Challenge

Warrior Princess Retreat


Warrior Princess

Learning and Fun!

Teen Challenge Blessing Barb

"​I truly Appreciated this amazing gathering of God.  I have been lost.  God answered my prayer.  Thank you Lord for the miracle of this trip!"  -Christina G.

​"May the Lord Bless you the same way I was.  Thank you for everything!  I am truly blessed." -Denise B

"God's love and provision is so evident in this place.  He has put color in my life...Thank you for speaking to my heart and giving me hope for tomorrow." -Anon. Warrior Princess Retreat 2017​

Warrior Worship!

"​Thank you for showing me how we all fall but it takes a warrior of God to get up every time."   -Madonna

A sweet, sweet time.

"​Thank you so much for making this weekend a reality.  I could never have imagined the Lord would be doing these things in my life and blessing me with meeting such beautiful women of God." -Anon.