Barbara Cueto Ministries, Inc.

​​captain dale black invites us to see his vision of heaven as chronicled in his best selling book "flight to heaven" about his own near death experience.

​​Dr. Diana Dye, host of "Foundations in Torah", returns to discuss Scriptural End Times.  Rodeo Queen and champion barrel racer Kendra Dickson shares why she has devoted her life and career to Christ.

​​​Ex Satanist Dr. Gregory reid shares his stunning testimony and insight. Also, ywam Juarez, mexico missionaries mary beth Mayfield and Brenda luna report on their orphanage in the dangerous Mexican border city.

​​Pastor/Actor/singer Michael Sewell and Barbara ​explore the phenomenon of church ​wounds and how to forgive and grow beyond them.  Also, mothers whose "church children" have died of drug overdose.

​​​                        Evil

​​​Dr. Bill Cobb and Barbara discuss the problem of deception in the media.  later she's joined by echo Griffith, childhood sweetheart of rock legend buddy holly.

​​​Pastor Ron Griffith shares his experience with sexual addiction and being a voyeur and how he was delivered from its stronghold. Also, a look at Teen Challenge and Musical guest actor/writer/producer Michael Sewell. 

​​​When Church Hurts

​​​Ex Satanist and spiritual warfare expert

Dr. Gregory Reid joins Barbara once again.  her Musical guest is the very talented Gospel singer joseph hobdy.  

​​captain dale black author of the best selling book "flight to heaven" returns. also, alma avila shares her miraculous and moving story of spiritual restoration in the face of tragedy.

​​​Pro Life Missionary Gaby Federico shares a disturbing experience related to the horror of abortion.  Also, Christian entrepreneur and political activist JO Stewart Jr.

​      The Pro Life Mission

​​Satan's Desire for God's Children

​​Pulitzer Nominated journalist Diana Washington Valdez on the rampant crime in Mexico. Film and stage actor Dennis Cole re-enacts Jesus and the sermon on the mount.

​​T he End Is Near Pt. 1

The Devil Prowls Around

​​Pro Life Advocate and Pregnancy Help Center Missionary/Director Stan Richardson and Barbara discuss abortion and Satan's agenda.  Also, Publisher Kelly McCullough and Christian band Narro Path.

​​​Flight to Heaven

​​Dr. Diana Dye, host of "Foundations in Torah" and Barbara examine end times scriptures.  Also Barbara interviews a young Pakistani minister while visiting Lahore.  a Pastor shares his supernatural testimony.

​​T he End Is Near Pt. 2

​​​Seeing the Unseen

​​Sexual Addiction

​      Our Enemy's Agenda

​    ​Deception in the Media