Barbara Cueto Ministries, Inc.

​The only reason we're able to minister to the lost and hurting of the world, for the sake of Jesus Christ, is because of the generous contributions made by average people who may not have the calling to go to impoverished nations, or the time to spend devoted to all the minute details this kind of ministry demands, but they still wish to be used in the work God is doing around the world.  And we, at Barbara Cueto Ministries, Inc., realize that God sees the importance of giving monetarily to ministries like ours as just as great a contribution as being on the mission field with us.  So, please prayerfully give as the Lord leads you and know that every penny will be put to good use.  

     If you desire to give by credit card, after pushing the "Donate" button you'll be taken to the PayPal portal where you'll be given the option to either use your existing PayPal account to log in or, if you don't have an account with PayPal, you'll be given the option of filling in a credit or debit card form.  When you're in the form there is an option marked "Add special instructions to the seller" ​where you can designate where you want your donation to specifically go, such as "Warrior Princess Retreat" or "Pakistan Ministry" or "General fund", etc.  The same applies to donations designated for receipt of a product.  Simply add in the special instructions which product(s) the donation is designated for and the amount of the donation.  Be sure to include a mailing address for products ordered​. Regardless of where your donation is going you will receive full tax credit from Barbara Cueto Ministries, Inc., a 501c3, tax exempt, corporation.

     If you prefer to send a checkour mailing address is:

​                                 Barbara Cueto Ministries, Inc.

                                 505 Lynx Ave. #732

                                 Cloudcroft, NM   88317