​​​​​​​​​​​I am a missionary at heart. I feel as "at home" in a foreign village with no running water and outdoor facilities as I do in my own living room.  This is not because I'm such a great person.  On the contrary, I often have a tough time adjusting to "the call", such as when ministering to the people who live at the city dump of one of the poorest nations in the world, Guatemala, City, Guatemala (Yes, there is an actual community residing there amongst the vultures who also share this habitat).   Or when I was invited to minister to the Pakistani people the first time.  There is sometimes culture shock as well as the occasional, panicked, thought, "What am I doing here?!"  Were it not for the Holy Spirit generously pouring God's love into my heart, (Romans 5:5), I would stay securely planted in my comfort zone until He calls me home. 

     You see, I've had quite enough adventure in my life.  I was born into an alcoholic home, suffered horrendous childhood abuses, became a drug and alcohol addict myself and was once married to an Italian mobster whose mainstay was pornography.  Yet I say without any reservation that God's work is the most daunting challenge I've ever faced.  Nevertheless, service to the King of Kings also brings the sweetest highs and the most fulfilling of all relationships with God and His church here on earth.   In short, I couldn't live without it!  I've written books, songs and commercials, produced music and video, sung with some of the world's greatest artists, spoken before thousands of people, and for some this  might appear to be a life fulfilled.  But not for this child of God.  I am only fulfilled when His will is accomplished.  And sometimes that might look like writing a book or attending a Bible study, ministering at a conference somewhere or to my husband Joe and my sons Nicholas and Joseph, or helping in our business.  However it may appear, I now know that serving God is not a hunger that will ever be quenched for me on this planet.  I don't believe that one ever "finishes" God's work here.  We go on until He takes us home.  And that is what drives me forward, whether it's a Skype prayer meeting at a remote village in Pakistan, eye surgeries to the poorest of the poor children in Mexico, or ministering to recovering addicts at my Warrior Princess Retreat.  I go because He calls.  And if He ever stops calling, it will be because He called me for the final time and I'm now far away from here in His Heaven.

     After nearly 30 years of sobriety and walking with my Lord, I realize more than ever that, even though Christ has made me a new person, (2 Corinthians 5:17), that old Barbara is lurking just a doorway away in this long corridor of life, beckoning me to come back (our enemy never gives up).  But Jesus stands in front of that door, arms outstretched, reminding me that I never again want to go back to that place.  That's why I must keep my eyes on Him.

     Wherever this life with Him takes me, I will forever be grateful to Him for saving my life and giving me purpose in whatever He calls me to do.  Thank you, Jesus!!                 ​​ 

My Passion


​​​​There is absolutely nothing more important in my life than serving God, in whatever form that takes. 

Barbara Cueto Ministries, Inc.